Ant Pest Control London

Ant Pest Control London

By applying practical measures to eliminate ants and then taking care to prevent re-infestation, you will soon be able to regain control of the situation.
It’s not only frustrating to see these pests entering your home, but an ant colony can cause a lot of damage as well. It is also very unhygienic to harbor this type of insect. Some varieties can also bite or sting humans. Act fast and you will win the war!
It is therefore essential to have clean floors free of any crumbs or other pieces of food. Sugar is an ant magnet, and all such foods should be wrapped.

Inspect Your Home

Our technician can also inspect your home to identify entry points for a future infestation. He will advise you on how to optimize your exits to prevent insects from entering. He can use natural or chemical repellents if the risk of seeing ants landing is high. Other preventive measures are to be implemented such as the regular removal of garbage cans and cleaning of the external parts.

Contacting a professional pest control company will make it possible to identify and resolve this problem as quickly as possible, because the longer you wait, the larger the colony, which implies a longer and more complex eradication.

Our company SLM STAR will thus be able to ascertain the facts that risk favoring a next invasion. For example, with ants, the cleanliness of the floor is very important. Indeed, these small insects enter your home in search of food. Ants live outdoors or sometimes build a nest under a roof. This is often the case in an abandoned barn or some other type of disused building.

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