Ant Control

We offer the best ant control service in the UK compliant with Control of Substance Hazardous to Health. They are not considered dangerous but may cause some trouble and inconvenience. Normally they are where the food leftovers and sugar are. To help you with these, our professional services will give you the most efficient ant control.

Ants are so small in size that they can ramble easily in your house without being noticed. You will find them in the food cabinets, food leftovers, on your bed, under the carpets and sometimes on your body when they bite. Ants can be a problem when you have a baby at your house. Killing them one by one is impossible and even if you use some ant killing powders, you may put your child’s health at risk.

There comes our part, our certified ant exterminators will identify specific ant species and use the best treatments and baits to eradicate and kill them. Our emergency service is an extra advantage which means you can call us, any day, anytime.


Ant Control Process Timeline:

  1. Visiting Your facility: Our surveyors will inspect the level of infestation
  2. Spraying and Gel Application: Our exterminator will spray the area and apply the gel to eradicate the whole species.
  3. Rest period: Based on the severity of infestation you will be asked to keep the area as is.
  4. You are good to go: Your exterminator will guide you about follow-ups and get things going.

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