Cockroach Control Services

Cockroaches look creepy and gross and sometimes scary. They are about 11 to 29mm in length, black-brown in colour and have wings. In UK German cockroaches are the most common species which are 11 to 14 mm in length. They are most common in moist and warm areas and easily climb on walls and surfaces. They will grow in numbers once the infestation starts and are a serious pest in hospitals and homes.

Cockroach Control Process Timeline:

  1. Technician Visit: we will visit your premises, inspect the area, identify the species and will discuss the problem you are facing. Our technicians will give you a detailed map of the overall process. For long term infestations, we usually offer a service contract that includes the level of infestation control and spread.
  2. Conduct the treatment: we will carry out our treatments that will be completely safe for your children and your health. Treatment will include insecticides and sticky baits
  3. Follow up visits: Depending on the severity of the infestation, our cockroach exterminators will conduct follow up visits and will replace the baits and reapply the insecticides when necessary. After the follow up a complete report will be issued to you.

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