Dead Animal

Dead Animal

We know that when we adopt an animal there is little chance that it will survive us. We must therefore always prepare for the eventuality of its disappearance. Once it’s gone, the pain of the loss is compounded by a particularly difficult decision: what to do with the body?

Know That!

that not everything is allowed and that the law is very clear on this subject since there are only 3 possibilities.

We often think that an animal belongs to us and, when it dies, it is up to us to decide what to do with its body. However, it is not. For example, it is commonly believed that dead fish can be flushed down the toilet, sewer, or into a river. Well no, it is forbidden and it is even punishable by law! Just like throwing the corpse of your cat or dog in the trash.

Indeed, it could cost you huge fines.

If your animal weighs more than 40 kilos (large dog, horse, etc.), you must contact a rendering service (for the removal of the body) which will come and remove the corpse within 24 hours. To find out the dead animal removal service near you in London contact SLM STAR. We will come to your site & remove the dead body. This solution is often difficult for animal lovers to accept, but unfortunately it is the law. If you do not declare the death of your animal weighing more than 40 kilos, you may be fined.

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