Flea pest control London

Flea pest control London

Fleas are a very common problem in homes and can cause a lot of nuisance. They are more often found where there is a domestic animal (dog or cat). They use these animals as a means of transportation and thus enter your home. Once inside, they jump all over the house and settle mainly in cracks and interstices (baseboards / thresholds), but also in beds, armchairs, clothes, under carpets, etc. The best way to fight fleas is to trust an expert..


How to recognize

Fleas are between 1 and 3 mm in size and are red or brownish in color. There are different species of fleas like rat flea, mole flea, water flea or human flea that lives on human skin and similar animal skins, it bites all over the place and causes itching when it moves.There are usually several bites next to each other, like a cluster. This is what best distinguishes flea bites from mosquito bites.

To fight against parquet fleas in the house, it is best to trust an expert. This performs a thorough disinfection of the whole house. It is indeed advisable to eliminate the fleas in a thorough and careful manner. The treatment is carried out in places where there are fleas and frequented by your pet, each time with a margin of 30 cm upwards. When fleas are present in large numbers, it is necessary to repeat the control or treatment operation.

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