Fleas Control Services

Fleas, commonly known as cat fleas in the UK are small in size (2mm) and red-brownish in colour and lives inside the hairs of their host. They feed on humans, dogs, and cats. Their bite causes distress and they are also a host for tapeworms (present in the digestive tracts of humans, cats, and dogs). Humans that are more in contact with cats and dogs are more likely to have an infestation.


Fleas Control Process Timeline:

  1. Source Identification: We will identify the infestation source
  2. Treatment selection: We will then select an appropriate treatment for fleas infestation and is normally carried out by a veterinary doctor or the animal possessor.
  3. Application of insecticide: Spraying of insecticide in all the premises to avoid the spread of the infestation
  4. Follow-ups: Follow up treatment will be done in the next week and a completed report will be provided to you.

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