Mice control London

Mice control London

House mice are nocturnal animals, as they search for food and nest material at night. She is an omnivore, but prefers plant products like nuts or pods. They should eat 3 grams of food per day, but can survive a long time without drinking.

How They Enter House.

They enter the house through holes under doors, cracks or cracks in walls or tiles, etc. The small rodent is an excellent climber and builds its nest in the attic or above the ceilings. However, they are most often found in the kitchen. It creates its nest near its food, so the mouse makes limited movements: always within a radius of 10 meters around the nest.

They are mostly found in buildings and nest in close proximity to their food source. Mice are excellent climbers. In homes, they often live in the attic, which they access via cavity walls. Mice are mostly active at night. They often betray their presence by their elongated droppings, which are 3-8 mm long and 1-3 mm wide.

The mice multiply very quickly and become increasingly resistant to common control methods. In order to be able to deal with the problems of mice, both in our societies and in our communities, there is a need for new smart, efficient and ecological methods.  If you find yourself in such situation do not wait & call us. SLM STAR will help you with a permanent solution to get rid of this problem with its professional preventing infestations in an environmentally friendly manner.

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