Mice Control Services

Mice are frequently found in food godowns, kitchens, and closed cabinets or holes. They feed on foods and can live a long time without water. They are small as compares to rates and have longtail and enlarged ears. They breed very fast and can create a serious problem for you.


Mice Control Process Timeline:

  1. Inspection: Our rat exterminator team will examine your property thoroughly and locating the hiding places.
  2. Setting up baits and treatments: Our baits including the rat poison will be set up near the hiding places. To make these safe we cover the baits in plastic wrappings and keep them away from the reach of children.
  3. Follow-ups: Our technicians will pay a second visit to remove the baits, dead animals and will give you instructions for the future. A detailed report will also be handed over to you for future reference.

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