Moth Pest Control London

Moth Pest Control London

Despite their small size and harmless appearance, corn borers can wreak havoc. There are several species of moths, which feed on your food and clothing. The larvae (moths), which do the most damage, are often virtually invisible.

Moths Lay Their Eggs

Moths lay their eggs in food or clothing; then the eggs turn into larvae which soil and contaminate everything with their excrement. They build their nests in food by weaving cocoons out of silk threads. They are often difficult to see but after a while, the infested flour will harden, for example. Moths like heat, so it’s important to keep the room cool and ventilate.

If the moth or moth infestation is limited to a few individuals, you can get rid of it quite easily. On the other hand, if the infestation is already extensive, it is preferable to contact a professional pest control company.

Pest exterminator from SLM STAR goes on site and identifies the source of the infestation, determines the moth species and detects the products or clothing attacked.

  • A plan of attack is drawn up in consultation with the customer.
  • Our pest exterminator intervenes and comes back on site a second or third time if necessary.
  • The client receives advice on preventive measures to avoid further infestation.

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