Pest control mice London

Pest control mice London

Mice are rodents that can enter homes through a dime-sized hole and they can multiply very quickly due to a high reproductive rate. So, due to their small size and behavior, a small mouse problem may go unnoticed, but their numbers and the damage they cause will continue to grow. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of mice without hiring the services of an exterminator.

SLM STAR Technicians

technicians have been specially trained to spot and identify entry points for mice. These rodents may very well use cable passages or plumbing pipes to make their nests, which can damage your property while posing health risks. The strategic and systematic elimination of all mice is the most effective and economical method of solving an infestation problem. Then of course taking care to fill all possible openings and access.

. Poisoning and trapping can harm humans and pets. These methods also do not provide a real long-term solution and cannot stop the reproduction of mice, worse, they leave the corpses of mice in the walls and in the attics. Our poison-free elimination technique is backed by decades of research and proven results, making SLM STAR a leader in the pest industry today.
Are you concerned about rats and mice infiltrating your premises? Without treatment, a few mice or rats can quickly turn into a colony. Some practical control solutions against mice and rats such as traps and poisons are commercially available. However, if the problem persists, professional assistance will be needed so call SLM STAR now for your mice control solutions.

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