Rat Pest Control London

Rat Pest Control London

Rodents like the rat ‘follow the culture’, that is, they follow humans and are partially dependent on us. Often they populate our environment where they go in search, unnoticed, for food and suitable places for nests. In urban settings, rat invasions are usually linked to damaged sewers or drainage systems..


Always Looking For

Rats are always looking for food and a place to nest, preferably where humans live. This is why they are often found in barracks, depots, and stations or in stored waste. Once they get in, they go through your entire business or house. The most popular species in London are the sewer rat or brown rat and the black rat.

It is important to get rid of rats because they cause nibbling damage like gnawed cables, torn shopping bags, various damaged materials in a building (such as wood or plastic). They eat away at these materials to sharpen their teeth. It is possible to distinguish whether the damage from snacking is due to mice or rats: mice have smaller teeth and leave smoother edges when gnawing, while the shape left by rats is jagged. They carry diseases and bacteria that can contaminate our food or drinking water during their nocturnal explorations.

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