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From bed bugs to flies, from rodents to termites we are capable to exterminate them all.

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We Exterminate All Of These

Rat Control Near Me

It is always difficult to find yourself in a situation such as that of the invasion of rats. Indeed, rats are harmful and are capable of transmitting diseases. They can also cause serious material damage to floors and walls, but also to electrical systems or pipes. Rats and mice are public health pests. Their varied food leads them to visit houses, sheds and gardens.wild rats can also pose a risk to humans.

Rat Pest Control London

Rodents like the rat ‘follow the culture’, that is, they follow humans and are partially dependent on us. Often they populate our environment where they go in search, unnoticed, for food and suitable places for nests. In urban settings, rat invasions are usually linked to damaged sewers or drainage systems.Rats are always looking for food and a place to nest, preferably where humans live.

Pest control mice London

Mice are rodents that can enter homes through a dime-sized hole and they can multiply very quickly due to a high reproductive rate. So, due to their small size and behavior, a small mouse problem may go unnoticed, but their numbers and the damage they cause will continue to grow.Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of mice without hiring the services of an exterminator.

Flea pest control London

Fleas are a very common problem in homes and can cause a lot of nuisance. They are more often found where there is a domestic animal (dog or cat). They use these animals as a means of transportation and thus enter your home. Once inside, they jump all over the house and settle mainly in cracks and interstices but also in beds, armchairs, clothes, under carpets, etc. The best way to fight fleas is to trust an expert.

Moth Pest Control London

Despite their small size and harmless appearance, corn borers can wreak havoc. There are several species of moths, which feed on your food and clothing. The larvae (moths), which do the most damage, are often virtually invisible. Moths lay their eggs in food or clothing; then the eggs turn into larvae which soil and contaminate everything with their excrement.

Mice control London

House mice are nocturnal animals, as they search for food and nest material at night. She is an omnivore, but prefers plant products like nuts or pods. They should eat 3 grams of food per day, but can survive a long time without drinking.They enter the house through holes under doors, cracks or cracks in walls or tiles, etc

Spider Pest Control London

During the fall, you will notice many active spiders, both inside and outside the house. The adult males start looking for a female to mate. It is wrong to think that spiders come inside to escape the cold. Having a spider in the house is not a bad thing at all, it feeds on insects that we would do well without and keep us out of a pest infestation.

Fly pest control London

The house fly is the one that visits us most often, it goes in search of food  or plant waste to feed itself. This is the reason why they are found in large numbers in our environment. The house fly likes dark rooms like our living rooms. She does not feel the need to try to get out and therefore does not constantly run into the windows.

Ant Pest Control London

Like many pests, ants enter our homes attracted to a good source of food. Once an individual has found something interesting, information circulates very quickly within the colony and it will soon be a real small army of insects that will follow the path of odors to your home.


Moths are small in size and harm the clothes especially those made with wool, cashmere, and fur. They damage the edges of carpets equally and can cause serious damage if the infestation is severe


Cockroaches look creepy and gross and sometimes scary. They are about 11 to 29mm in length, black-brown in colour and have wings. In UK German cockroaches are the most common species which are 11 to 14 mm in length. They are most common in moist and warm areas and easily climb on walls and surfaces. They will grow in numbers once the infestation starts and are a serious pest in hospitals and homes


Our certified ant exterminators will identify specific ant species and use the best treatments and baits to eradicate and kill them. Our emergency service is an extra advantage which means you can call us, any day, anytime.


Flies are potential carriers of infections and diseases and they contaminate the food as well. Their buzz sound irritates the eyes and also cause a tingling when they land on your skin. Flies also give a measure of the hygienic condition of a place. We use the best methods to eradicate the flies from your house, Let’s have a lool


Rats are not only scary but also dangerous as they spread diseases, contaminate foods and harm the properties. They ramble all around the house without any fear and find their home by digging holes or hide inside the places and broken tiles.


Mice are frequently found in food godowns, kitchens, and closed cabinets or holes. They feed on foods and can live a long time without water. They are small as compares to rates and have longtail and enlarged ears. They breed very fast and can create a serious problem for you

Commercial Pest Control Services

Your business matter, don’t wait for an infestation, prevent one A pest infestation can start anywhere, but when it gets inside your business premises, it affects your reputation. We have a solution for every business. Our skilled and certified staff will make visit your facility and will improvise the best possible solution to eradicate the pests and prevent their future infestation.

Fleas Control Services

Fleas, commonly known as cat fleas in the UK are small in size (2mm) and red-brownish in colour and lives inside the hairs of their host. They feed on humans, dogs, and cats. Their bite causes distress and they are also a host for tapeworms (present in the digestive tracts of humans, cats, and dogs). Humans that are more in contact with cats and dogs are more likely to have an infestation..

Foxes Control Services

ox infestation is rare in UK domestic areas but they sometimes reside in farms and suburban areas. They feed on rodents, birds, meat, fish, frogs, fruits and vegetables. A vixen (female) breeds in winter and gives birth to 12 to 14 babies. They carry disease rabies and that is the main cause. We offer the best services to kill or eradicate them from your premises and make sure they don’t enter again.

Residential Pests Control Service

The first major concern when it comes to pests is health. Pests cause serious health problems by carrying infections and by contaminating the food. Pests of various types can be found in the house and we have experts for each one of them. So if you see a pest in your house or suspect that you might have a pest infestation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our consultation is free.

Wasps Control Services

Wasps reside in the nest, most common in summers and are very dangerous. Their bite causes serious pain and swelling, sometimes accompanied by blackening of the skin. You need to see a doctor on an urgent basis under such conditions.They also contaminate the foods and are found near waste, dustbins, dead carcasses.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are hemiptera insects that, among other characteristics, have powerful and penetrating mouthparts. They have nocturnal habits and hide during the day in seams, mattress creases, under carpeting, behind pictures and wallpaper, etc. going out at night to attack his victims. An adult bed bug, in the course of 10 minutes, can suck more than 7 times its weight in blood.