Squirrels Control Services

Squirrels also known as furry rodents once enter your house will cause serious damage to your properties. They have the ability to chew wood, electric wires, plastic pipes. They also damage fiberoptics insulated wires and even hide inside water tanks. You can also identify them by squeaking voices in the day and time and they also leave their footprints behind.


You cant remove them yourself and our professional services will definitely come handy under such conditions.


Squirrel Control Process Timeline:

  1. Examination: Our technicians will examine the premises for the severity of the infestation and will improvise the control method accordingly./li>
  2. Control Procedure: We will block gaps and holes with wire mesh. Also, set up traps to poison the squirrels.
  3. Follow-ups: Follow-ups will be done to remove the dead animals and apply modifications if any. You will also get a detailed report on our procedure for future reference.

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